Separate 3 groups

    • Floor preparations
    • Soft floor covering adhesives
    • Wide range of parquet adhesives
    • Wall paper and wall covering adhesives
    • Tile adhesives
    • Resins
    • Wood working repair and assembly
    • Sealants and foams
    • Building chemicals
    • Concrete repair and maintenance
    • Industrial maintenance / engineering



Personal care and hygiene


Bostik pioneered a technology of specific adhesive for personal care and hygiene in the 1960’s and is proud to serve the best-known manufacturers in the sector.


This market brings together all the products of the consumer market using nonwoven fabric as the overlay. Products include infant diapers, adult incontinence and feminine sanitary products as well as sterile drapes and disposable clothing.


The majority of adhesives used for hygiene are hot-melt pressure sensitive products.


Bostik’s adhesives are also widely used in the manufacture of tissue and towel products, such as wet wipes, bathroom tissue and industrial wipes. The range of products includes recyclable products designed to improve the environmental efficiency of paper mills.


With cutting-edge knowledge about the disposable nonwoven hygiene products industry, Bostik serves as expert problem solvers. We understand adhesive technology and how to apply it for optimal results. Through our regional R&D labs, we provide sophisticated substrate analysis and reporting that improves our clients' ability to produce more competitive products.


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Bostik has had a long-standing involvement in the automotive and transportation industry. The group offers a very broad range of adhesives and sealants for all stages of vehicle production, component manufacture, assembly and aftercare.

Its adhesives satisfy the demands of automotive manufacturers for elasticity, tortional stiffness, temperature and weather resistance, adhesion to dissimilar materials and minimal surface preparation.

The markets it serves in transportation include the aircraft, marine, railroad and automotive industries.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Rail


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Flexible lamination


Bostik is among the leading global suppliers of adhesives to the flexible packaging industry and Industrial Lamination
, with a very broad range of technologies including paper, film and foil laminating adhesives, heat-seal coatings, cold-seals, gloss lacquers and re-closable systems.

Bostik Purbinder® and Herberts® adhesives are
reactive adhesives systems for paper, film and foils laminating. Our solvent-based adhesives withstand the rigors of retort applications in food packaging, and deliver exceptional performance in packaging that must tolerate the most aggressive ingredients. Our solvent-free products are especially designed to provide low cost production at high speed, in accordance with the latest food regulations.

Under the brand TurboSeal®, Bostik pioneered, and is today one of the leading supplier of cold-seal technology in US. Cold-seals (sometimes called “cohesives”, because they only stick to themselves) are water-based coatings designed for high speed packaging of heat-sensitive foods (confectionary, ice-cream), and articles for the pharma industry. 

The Vitel® resins, are
linear saturated copolyester resins used to bond to a variety of substrates.  They are available in a large range from low temperature flexibility to high temperature performance.  Vitel® resins are used in electronics , flexible printed circuits, flat cable and fire retarded applications. In flexible packaging, the Vitel® resins can be applied to Polyethylene films and foils.





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Tapes and Labels

Bostik is a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive technologies to the tape and label industry.
Adhesive tapes and labels are used in many different applications. Each of them requires specific features from the adhesive during the converting process.

Based on its long expertise in converting, Bostik offers hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive solutions designed for specific end uses, and matching processing requirements. The adhesive can be tailored to customer application technologies and relevant substrates. Bostik’s market focused technical and sales teams work with our customers to assure we bring the proper adhesive technology along with optimised operating efficiencies to the converters.

Bostik comprehensive range includes products for permanent, removable, cold temperature, freezer, filmic and high temperature labels and tapes. Many challenges are met, such as high machinability, clean die-cutting, excellent holding power, clarity, and adhesion to low surface energy substrate.


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Rigid packaging



Bostik’s roots in the packaging marketplace date back to the early 1900’s. Its range of formulations cover most packaging and converting applications. Over time its product line has constantly evolved to keep ahead of the most demanding requirements of the growingly dynamic and creative packaging industry. Bostik's innovative approach explains the success of its adhesive solutions based on a wide range of technologies including reactive and non-reactive, hot-melts and water-based products.

bostik's line of hot-melt (Thermogrip®) and water-based (Aquagrip®)adhesives offers solutions for bonding coated and non-coated corrugated and fiberboard substrates. Its adhesives performance take up the challenge of emerging packaging technologies. They are particularly appreciated for bonding a variety of difficult to bond, surface-treated stock. Their performances in high-speed production and their broad range of service temperatures are also highly valued.


Bostik's product lines cover a full range of applications:



Construction components



Insulating glass

Bostik is supplying a comprehensive range of high performance sealants for the manufacturing of insulating glass units. The range includes both curable and non-curable, one-component and two-component systems, based on various technologies. Its hot-melt butyl IG (insulating glass) sealants have consistently proven to be the highest performing hot-melt butyl sealant in the market, showing superior adhesion, excellent strength and outstanding long term durability.


Construction components

Bostik manufactures a full line of adhesives and sealants for assembly of building products, which are used for the construction of windows, doors, walls, floors, roofing, insulation, architectural panels, and manufactured housing.

These products are used in building components for energy sufficiency such as:



Depending on the size, scale and complexity of goods or project, there’s a good chance Bostik has a product which can be used to make it better, stronger or more innovative. A wide range of adhesives and sealants are available to improve the assembly of products for almost any application on, below, or above land or sea!


The assembly industry covers many applications such as textile, leather and footwear, woodworking, furniture, electronics and energy.



Bostik offers the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative range of professional grade products for a wide range of construction applications. Used in both new build and renovation projects around the world, its products have an unrivalled reputation among professional users for quality and reliability, even in the most extreme conditions.

Continuously moving the market forward through innovation. Bostik strives to deliver next-generation products which offer superior performance while meeting the latest international and local building codes and environmental standards.

Bostik's products are backed by years of experience and it offers a host of in-market support services tailored for its professional end users including technical advice, training, specifications and on-site investigations.

No matter what is the commercial application, from foundation to finish, Bostik has the high-performance adhesive and sealant to meet and exceed the challenges posed by weather, moisture, joint movement or dissimilar materials. Its broad line of adhesives and sealants provide unsurpassed adhesion, durability, flexibility, weather ability and water resistance and it has got the industry-recognized validationstoproveit.
Bostik products respond to all international quality and performance standards, guaranteeing architects, project supervisors, and subcontractors, high quality results, even in the most difficult situations.

In the Construction field, Bostik offers the following range of products:

Floor preparations: Waterproofing barrier coating, primers, self-smoothing and self-levelling compounds, screeds, high performance compounds.


Soft floor covering adhesives: PVC sheets and tiles, rigid and technical PVC, multi-layer floor coverings (compact, polyester and foam backed PVC), expanded vinyl, sports floor coverings, natural fibre floor covering, (seagrass), natural linoleum.

Wide range of parquet adhesives to bond every kind of parquet onto all subfloors: vinylic adhesives, solvent based synthetic adhesives, one or two parts polyurethane adhesive, MS polymer parquet adhesive.

Wall paper and wall covering adhesives: high performance adhesives for wall paper, nonwoven backed wall coverings, vinyl, ready-to-use high performance adhesives for hanging textile, PVC wall coverings, fibreglass for walls and ceilings, wall paper remover.

Tile adhesives: Cementitious tiling adhesives suitable for interior/ exterior walls and floors, ready-mix adhesive, fine, wide and speciality grouts, waterproofing membranes.

Resins: High performance floor finishing resins, structural reinforcement and strengthening materials.

Wood working repair and assembly: wood adhesives, contact adhesives, hot melt adhesives, pipe cements, panel grabs.

Sealants and foams : movement join, masonry sealants, proofing and glazing sealants, sanitary sealants, flame retardant sealants, marine sealants, foam fillers.

Building chemicals: admixture additives, material protection, coatings, surface treatment, foundation waterproofers.

Concrete repair and maintenance: light and heavy concrete repair and maintenance.

Industrial maintenance / engineering: adhesives for industrial use for holding bolts and components in place.


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For individual consumers, Bostik’s Consumer Market department addresses all profiles/skills (semi-pro to occasional Do It Yourself (DIY)) of end-users: men, women and children - everyone who enjoys improving their everyday life environment in renovation, decoration, assembling, building and creative projects.

Bostik's ambition is to help them succeed by offering the most adapted adhesion and waterproofing solutions.

Bostik’s products are key elements for a perfect result, and give DIY enthusiast confidence in themselves and Bostik's products.

Bostik's aim has always been to develop innovative products which are both easy to use and provide high quality and long lasting results. Its brands and products are instantly recognized and trusted by consumers all over the world and are distributed through all the leading international and local retailers.

Bostik builds on the success of the DIY enthusiast in four areas: applications, quality, innovation and distribution.

Quality is a key word for Bostik. Bostik delivers products for consumers that are easy to choose and easy to use, offering equal quality as professional products. In addition to make you saving time and money, Bostik's product are environmental friendly. Indeed, most of them are solvent free, VOC free, odourfree, and thus, safe to use

Bostik develops innovations through formulations (solvent free, respectful to raw material legislations), packaging (ease of use, recyclables, with less material as plastic) and applications (2 in 1, 4 in 1, bonds & removable, re-position able, fast curing).

In certain countries, Bostik products are available in food and DIY outlets. Its aims is to be distributed and present in all hypermarkets, retail outlets, stationery stores, home improvement stores, DIY and trade outlets, to satisfy all consumers.


Bostik endeavours to develop the most complementary products to respond to the needs of its consumers and to guarantee them the best results.
Its ranges are wide and specialized. Its brands and products are trusted all over the world for a wide range of applications including:

decoration & home improvement
weatherproofing - sealants
arts & crafts
leisure activities


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