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With a turnover over to 1.212 billion euros in 2009, Bostik is one of the largest adhesive and sealant companies in the world today. The group designs, manufactures and markets adhesives, sealants and coatings to three key sectors: Industry, Construction and Consumer. Its products are used in a wide range of fields–from gas tankers and buildings to furniture and diapers.

Bostik is committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions that combine technological performance, ease of use, cost effectiveness and respect for the environment.

Bostik’s headquarters are located in France, Paris la Défense.

Bostik is a wholly-owned company of the Total Group. Total is the fourth largest international oil and gas company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer. Total operates in more than 130 countries and has 96,400 employees.

Bostik to become globally competitive by being customer oriented, responsive, innovative and providing outstanding product value.

As a team the organisation will promote high standards of integrity and professionalism in our work environment and in our products and services.


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Bostik’s heritage goes back to the 19th century.


Bostik Findley was formed in 2001 as a result of the merger of two of France’s largest oil & gas companies, Total Fina and Elf Aquitaine, and their two adhesives companies, Bostik and Ato Findley.


Bostik is a company with a long and rich history. It was founded as the Boston Blacking Co. in Chelsea, Massachusetts, in 1889. It has its origins in the shoe industry and shoe adhesives. It was taken over by USM (United Shoe Machinery) in 1929 and was developed on a global scale, focusing on the shoe industry until the 1950's when the company embarked on international expansion and diversification.

In 1990, Bostik was purchased by TOTAL, the French oil and gas company, which carried on expanding Bostik by merging it with its own adhesives affiliates and through a steady acquisition policy which gradually brought Bostik among the leading players.

Ato Findley created in 1996 was founded through the merger of three companies:


Ceca Adhesives: the adhesive branch of Elf Atochem and the top-ranking adhesive specialist in France (Sader, Quelyd) with a strong European position and a growing worldwide presence.

Findley Adhesives: the Wisconsin Paste Company was bought by Frank G. Findley, a manufacturer of wallpaper and billboard paste. In 1917 the company became known as F.G. Findley CO. and later Findley Adhesives, world leader in the disposable non-woven products market.

Laporte Adhesives and Sealants: the leader in the United Kingdom and Ireland (under the Evo-Stik and Sovereign brand names) with a rapidly growing share of the Dutch (Simson) and German (Hey’di) markets.

On October 1, 2004, Bostik became the official brand name of the company.

Bostik is a subsidiary of the Total group and is one of the leading companies on the worldwide adhesives and sealants market.


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The growing demand for energy efficiency, particularly in the construction and transport sectors, offers strong potential. In order to increase its diversity through product and marketing innovation, its R&D department is committed to developing innovative clean technology products using the latest technologies, such as biomass resources.

Bostik is also strengthening our capacity to provide tailor-made bonding solutions to enhance customer service and reinforce the group's diversity.


It is well established in Western Europe, the United States and Australia. Its ambition is to consolidate its leadership in those markets and accelerate growth in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.


It is implementing a targeted acquisition strategy to leverage the short and long-term opportunities available in a highly fragmented market in need of consolidation.

It is a global decentralised organisation which follows the globalisation of its customers while maintaining strong local relationships.

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Bostik Way


To be on Bostik Way is, for Bostik’s women and men, to perceive, think and act responsibly persons with, as a unique reflex, sustainable innovation, and as referent, six behaviours: boldness, openness, sustainable development team spirit, innovation, and knowledge. These behaviours commit them to their colleagues, their clients and their partners.

These are the six strong commitments upon which individual and Group performance and long term future are based. These commitments are upholded daily through Bostik's actions and initiatives.


B as Boldness: dare to think and act differently

O as Openness: be open-mindedness means listening activelly to its customers, communicating and looking for all possible synergies.

S as Sustainability or sustainable development: when taking decision and making action, favouring the long term continuity of the company and its staff while enhancing respect for the environment.

T as Team Spirit: foster solidarity and sharing of responsabilities in conducting any action.

I as Innovation: be always creative by thinking and acting differently, anticipating the need of customers and fighting against all form of conformism.

K as Knowledge: share experiences and know-how as much as possible.


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